Mobile Hairstylist For Your Wedding

Great hair doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by appointment.

The first impression you make as a bride says a lot about you, and a well-groomed appearance means you make the right impression.
This includes how you are dressed and how you look overall. It also includes making sure your hair looks good.
A lacklustre hairstyle distracts from everything that could be right about you.
A great hairstyle, on the other hand, gives you confidence. 

Your wedding day is something you will remember for a lifetime.
You want to look your best and get that collective gasp as you start walking down the aisle.

REMEMBER!!Gorgeous hair is the biggest confidence boost for every girl (and guy)

Let Your Hair Do The Talking!

So, no worries at all. Your mobile hairstylist is here for your rescue. 

Watch how we effortlessly style your hair and make it stay in place.
We have hair styling superpowers. 

Why should you hire a mobile hairstylist for your Melbourne wedding? 

There are a number of reasons to hire a mobile hairstylist for your wedding. I’ve listed all the good things these professionals can bring to the table, so be sure to read on.

Minimise Contact

Even though the risk of COVID infection is lowered down after vaccination. Still, it’s good for you and any guests attending your big day if you limit your social contact at crowded venues like salons or shopping centres.
With a mobile service we are ensuring that we keep to strict health and safety requirements.  

mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Better for emotions

Getting ready for a wedding can bring up a lot of emotions.
Dealing with a small team on your wedding day will keep the mood to how you want it.
Being in a busy salon with noise and random chatter is not how all brides want to deal with wedding day nerves.
Many brides are also dealing with emotions around people who cannot be at the big day due to border closures or illness.
Having a calm morning ( with the right amounts of chatter) Is always the perfect way to start a wedding day.

Save time by not driving to your hair salon in Melbourne

It’s frustrating to be stuck in Melbourne traffic for hours when you could have spent that time getting your hairstyle done.

You may have other important things to do as a bride, and driving back and forth to your hair salon could throw off your schedule.
We’ve all been there: you’re stuck in traffic as the minutes’ tick by, and you’re late for your hair appointment!

Not everyone has the energy to fight through crazy Melbourne traffic.
If you use the service of a mobile hairstylist, you will have more time for other things you need to do, and you will not have to worry about traffic or even parking.

Additionally, you will also save money on your travel expenses, such as petrol or parking.

mobile makeup artist Melbourne

You set the time

The best thing about hiring a mobile hairstylist is that you decide when you want to get the service. Maybe there are thousands of things you need to get done for your wedding, and you don’t have that much free time. Or perhaps you need a specific schedule depending on your wedding date so that your bridesmaids can get a service as well. 

In these circumstances, all you have to do is book a mobile hair stylist or mobile makeup artist on a specific date and time. You then choose the hair or makeup stylist service you want for that day. After that, the hairstylist will come to your home on the day and time of the appointment.

You choose the venue

Would you prefer to have your hair done at your home or at a hotel? No problem: we will come to your desired location, wherever that may be and also the time that suits you. Being a mobile bridal service means we are used to working times around our brides.
From super early starts if a bride is having a Tea Ceremony before her wedding – To working in the afternoon if our bride is having an evening event at a city venue.

Equipped with their own hair styling tools

Your mobile hairstylist is equipped with their own styling tools that are a professional standard to deal with all hair types.
Many consumer level styling tools do not heat up to the correct levels to restructure the bonds in our hair to take on a new shape.
Curling irons or hair straighteners have to get to extremely high temperatures to quickly curl or straighten hair WITHOUT damaging the hair.
Using ceramic coatings on the styling tools allow the hair to be transformed without being damaged.
Using the right styling products ensures your hair is protected but will also last the day when it is curled or straightened.

Why Choose Peggy Stasinos?

Peggy Stasinos is a small team professional mobile hairstylists and of mobile hairstylists and mobile makeup artists, they offer everything you need in the comfort of your own home. 
We will look after you from the time of your bridal trial till we have popped your veil on your wedding day.

If you’ve been searching online for a “mobile hair and makeup salon near me,” be sure to check our reviews and feedback about the service we offer. See if your wedding date is still available on our booking page at Our team are skilled hair stylist professionals.

At Peggy Stasinos Hair and Makeup, we are a leading mobile hairstyling team in Melbourne that will take care of you and your wedding party on your wedding day and provide a luxurious service.