Makeup Artist

mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Mobile Makeup Artist Melbourne

Welcome to Peggy Stasinos Makeup, we bring the luxury experience with our professional hair and makeup  in Melbourne.
I’ll work closely with you to make sure you look the best on your big day.
Please see my Wedding Booking page for all pricing and timing information
I specialise in creating modern and exquisite makeup looks that highlight your best features and capture your style and taste.
Feel confident, beautiful, and glamorous knowing you have the right look from one of Melbourne’s professional and local makeup artists.
Your big day will pass, but the photos from the event will stay with you for a lifetime.
I want you to always look at your wedding photos and see how beautiful you looked.
With my specialised makeup services in Melbourne, I will make sure you look gorgeous!

Melbourne Makeup Artist

Looking for the most trusted makeup artist?

I believe that no day is as significant as the bride’s wedding day,  it is a day that has been dreamed about and planned with excitement.

The makeup that I will create for you will not only enhance your natural beauty, I will be able to bring that little extra to make you look stunning.
If you are a bride who wants understated glamour, let me bring that and more to your final look.
Or maybe you are a bride that wants a little drama – I love a winged eyeliner or a statement red lip. Let’s create that ‘moment’ when you walk down the aisle.

mobile makeup artist Melbourne
mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Bridal Makeup Artist

How I differ compared to other makeup artists.
I am highly skilled in traditional makeup application as well as airbrush application.
I look at your skin and your features and work with what will suit you!
I am not the typical makeup artist who is limited to one style of makeup.
When you sit in my makeup chair I can quickly envisage
what is going to work best with your eye shape, your skin tone, your profile.
How I will balance out your features and make your best features POP!
I will always listen to you and work with you to create your flawless look.
I am also not afraid to give you some tips and tricks of why I am doing my work a certain way. I want to empower all the women that sit in my chair.

Makeup Artist Products

As a trained hair and makeup artist, I have spent years testing and proving products that give the right results for special occasions.
I use the finest products that are long-lasting, durable and good for the skin. In addition, the products I use do not contain harmful chemicals.
If you have any queries about what is in my kit or what specific products I use?
Please reach out and I will gladly provide you with additional information.
Also, if you have products that you prefer to use, they are welcome for any makeup look.
I wish to be the one to make you feel beautiful no matter what event you are at!

mobile makeup artist Melbourne
mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Professional Makeup Artist

A true professional makeup artist is one who always keeps hygiene rules in mind.
I keep my makeup kit spotless and I take care with all my professional makeup.

Your makeup artist should never ‘double dip’ makeup items like lipstick, concealers or mascaras.

These items are decanted onto pallets which I work off.
When applying products like mascara, I use a disposable wands to avoid cross infection.
I sanitise my brushes between faces as well as my work area.
Please see my FAQ page to read more about how I adhere to strict hygiene standards with COVID