Choosing a bridal Stylist


 With the market saturated with hair and makeup artists, how do you know if a bridal stylist is right for you. My checklist will have you sorted.

⭐️ Do they listen and are they the ‘right fit’? ⭐️ There is no use hiring an artist who doesn’t ‘click’ with you or won’t take the time to truly understand your vision. You want someone who is totally invested in you, understanding your goals and working with you to achieve a customised look that’s perfect for YOU.  This is what will make you feel confident and happy on the day!

⭐️ Relevant skills/experience ⭐️ Yes, many artists are qualified but how many of them keep up to date with their training to be abreast of industry techniques/information, safety (especially in this COVID era) etc? Every year, I invest in training to ensure that my skills are up to date.  During the COVID lockdown, I completed advanced hairstyling techniques through Cara Clyne’s Hairboss university, and it has been so worth it.  I can now offer even more amazing hairstyles to my brides!

⭐️ Long lasting hair and makeup that look good in photos ⭐️ This comes down to products.  Most brands you see in retail stores are not designed for photographic use (with some exceptions), so most professional brands are relatively unheard of, to many clients.  Whilst I certainly DO carry a range of consumer brands, for bridal makeup, I use a range of professional brands because I know they are long lasting and photo friendly.  They have NEVER let me down!

⭐️ Communication ⭐️ Your bridal stylist should communicate with you every step of the way so that you’re both on the same page not only in relation to your desired looking but also in relation to trials, scheduling, payments etc.  No one likes surprises and good communication always results in a much happier experience and peace of mind for all concerned.

Are you ready to take the next step in your wedding journey and tick one more thing off your to do list.  Email me here to see if I’m available on your date or click here for a bridal quote. 

Looking forward to serving you and giving you an unforgettable experience xx