Bridal Trials

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Bridal Trials For Make up

Bridal trials are an important part of planning your wedding hair and makeup.
All to often I have an excite bride to be sit in my chair and show me images of how she would like to have her hair and makeup.
Often she will have images that she has seen a celebrity rock on the red carpet and love the look of the makeup on that celebrity’s face.
The key to a great trial is to find images of faces that have YOUR features.
If you have olive toned skin and deep set eyes, look for faces or celebrity’s that have similar features.
If you have wide set blue eyes and fair hair, look for photos that you love with a model who is also hair and blue eyed.

Hair Trials

Hair trials are a chance to see if your hair is going to be suitable for the style that you are wanting on your big day.
Our BIGGEST recommendation is the same as above.
Look for hairstyle images for hair colouring that is the same as your hair.
Light coloured hair will always show more detail than dark coloured hair.
We often have girls who have gorgeous dark glossy hair who want to have a messy braided hairstyle. When braids and texture are done on dark hair, you cannot see all the details.
At a trial this is when we can talk about what you can do prior to your wedding – Like getting some highlights, so that your hairstyle will have more visual details.

Bridal hair and makeup
mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Hair And Makeup Trials

I love doing hair and makeup trials. It is a chance for me to get to know you and see all of your plans and preparations.
It makes me think of all the fun I had planning my own wedding!
For your trial, it is a great idea to have some things already organised – Like your dress and are you going to be wearing a veil.
This helps us get down to business quickly when working out your hairstyle.
Your hairstyle is often the part that many brides are unsure about. Hair is personal and many girls like to wear their hair a certain way everyday because it is either comfortable ( think messy ponytail) or they use it as part of their identity ( the friend who has always had long straight hair worn out)
When choosing a hairstyle, what they are used to wearing   is usually not wedding suitable.
Often a bride to be’s hair is not long enough or thick enough to create the wedding hairstyle that they like.
At a hair trial I can show you the tricks to get your hair looking like the image that you have shown me.
We can create magic with hair padding and hair extensions.
We go through this in detail at the trial and I set it all out for what is needed for the big day

Wedding Trials

A wedding trial is done at my home studio in Hughesdale
A trial will typically take 2.5 hours.
I do ask you to come prepared with images of what you like.
Clean skin and clean dry hair.
Weraing a light coloured shirt or T shirt is also advised so you can see how your makeup will look against a white/light top.

For all my Wedding trial information please see here.
To book in your trial – Please fill out my booking form and we can then start this exciting process

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