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With so much inspiration all over the web, brides certainly have plenty of choices for their wedding day and their bridal makeup is no exception. 

Regardless of who they are, their personality, style etc, all brides want to look beautiful on their wedding day. Besides determining the right makeup style that suits the bride’s personal preferences, personality and best enhances her natural features, brides often have the option of choosing an airbrush or traditional makeup application.

Traditional makeup is what most consumers are familiar with in terms of foundation and is applied with professional makeup brushes along with other tools.  The foundation can range from liquid creams and powders and the finish can be matte, semi matte (great for oiler skins) or dewier finishes (for a drier skin).  How they look on the skin really depends on the makeup chosen but the goal in all cases is to apply the minimum amount of makeup to achieve the coverage required.

Airbrush makeup application is applied using a portable airbrush machine (basically a small air compressor that connects to an airbrush sprayer).  The foundation itself is an ultra-light water-based liquid which sets immediately upon application.  It is sprayed onto the face as a fine mist is very lightweight and provides a natural finish.

So which is better?

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