Why social media is fake

Hello lovelies

Oh how I love the awards season and all the beautiful gowns and red carpet looks.  I am not overly celebrity obsessed but come awards season, I become utterly engrossed in the minute details of what everyone is wearing – the gowns, shoes, jewellery and everything in between.  I religiously follow a number of Facebook groups dedicated to this topic – it’s a true indulgence.

And it’s not just dresses.  I am just as fixated with the hair and makeup looks.  They are often just as glamorous and I’m sure to check out everyone.

So why is this?

The reason I like the red carpet so much is that usually the photos posted are real and unedited images.  You get to see the whole look just as it is sans “Instagram filters”.  Let’s take Jennifer Lopez as an example who I’m sure you’d agree is about as “A List” as they come.  She generally looks terrific on the red carpet and this year was no exception where she looked amazing in a metallic Tom Ford gown.   Her hair and makeup was totally on point and she rocked the whole look!  Can you believe she is going to be 50 soon?

However, take a look at the photos – the real one taken by a photographer on the red carpet and the image posted on social media – the latter which has been highly edited to smooth out her pores and wrinkles.   Why oh why do celebs (also models, influencers etc.) feel the need to do this?  It drives me crazy – she is just as beautiful without all the editing and shows a REAL woman.

It disappoints me as often as many women get depressed that they will never live up to these ideals.  Almost every photo I’ve been shown by a client is one that is highly edited.  “I want this” they say. This is usually followed by a bit of education from me to point out that a good makeup application will highlight your best features, minimise your not-so-good one and make you look like the best version of yourself.  Makeup artists are not plastic surgeons or tattoo artists who can magically erase pores and wrinkles as the photo on J. Lo on the left shows.  J. Lo’s makeup application is not for everyone – for some it will be way too heavy.  However, it is appropriate for the event, where there’s lots of flash photography, lights TV and – yes- it shows her pores.  Which is fine.  Because they are there.  As they are on all of us.  No need to smooth them out.

Don’t be disheartened if you can’t live up to these standards and remember that so many of the images you see posted all over the internet are edited.  With all the filters, apps and bells and whistles on our phones, a highly edited image is a few clicks away.

I can guarantee one thing.  None of us are getting younger so rather than aiming for perfection, lets embrace who we are.  Because we’re all beautiful.

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