Red lipstick? Yes you can!

Dec 2018

Hello there my lovelies

Well it’s been a super hectic couple of weeks in the lead up to Christmas.  No sooner has the Spring Racing carnival ended, the festive season is now upon us and in full swing and I’ve had lots of makeup bookings for ladies attending Christmas and other functions.

For parties, many ladies want to look slightly more ‘glam’ than their usual everyday makeup ensemble – and why not as it’s not every day we get dressed up.  I often recommend a red lipstick to clients wanting ‘a bit more’ only to hear comments like “no way, I can’t do red lips” or “red doesn’t suit me”.  Maybe its magazines, blogs and the media or whatever but somewhere along the line, a lot of us are convinced that red lips are not for us

I know ladies who swear by red lips and are very loyal to their chosen red lip colour whether it’s a matte, cream or gloss.  I’m sort of one of those.  Back in the day (and I’m talking way back), I was obsessed with Lancôme No. 44 – a blue/red which I swore by, wore all the time, but has long been discontinued.  These ladies will often wear ‘nude-ish’ eye makeup, perhaps with a bit of winged liner and a killer red lip and they look soooooooooo good.

I am here to tell you there is a red for everyone.  A perfect red lip is classic and very stylish.  The tip for finding the best red for you is to firstly determine your skin tone.

Cool skin tones – have generally light complexions and are fairer/paler.  They have a tendency to burn easily – eg Julianne Moore, Anne Hathaway. These girls look amazing with ‘cool’ or blue based reds – some good ones include (luxe) Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate and (less) NYX Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red

Warm Skin tones – generally have more yellow undertones and warmer complexions.  They tend to tan rather than burn (think Mediterranean girls).  These girls look wonderful in more brick reds – I like MAC Red rock or Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in 09 Burnt Red

Dark Skin tones look amazing with orange based reds eg MAC Lipstick in Chilli or NARS Lipstick in Lana.  Same goes for natural redheads (think Jessica Chastain)

There are many (many!) reds out there is different formulations to cream, satin, matte and liquid varieties. The best way is to simply try go out and try a few- the most flattering will make you look ‘more alive’.  For those that are still a little scared, I would recommend sheer formulations which are generally universally flattering (less intense), which means you have the freedom to wear any shade of red you want regardless of your skin tone—as long as the colour has a sheer finish. If you’re new to reds, go for something sheer!

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Peggy xo