I am super excited to start this blog and bring to all my followers (yes you, please follow me), bridal inspiration, makeup and skincare tips, product reviews, tutorials and pretty much anything makeup related…

Given that this it’s still relatively early days in my blog, I wanted to share a little more information about me, what I value and how I came into the makeup artistry world

Who am I?

Ok, so as a makeup artist, many of you would think that of course I’m going to be saying that every bride must hire a makeup artist for her wedding day, right?  Hmmm… not necessarily.

Earlier this year, we had a royal wedding (ooooohhh how I LOVE a royal wedding) and no sooner was Meghan Markle crowned as the Duchess of Sussex, the internet literally “lit up” with posts, forums, blogs and articles with many (often divided) opinions on her wedding makeup look.

Earlier this year I celebrated my 18th wedding anniversary and, as I do with every anniversary, I took the opportunity to look through some of my wedding photos, complain about how much older I look, and wonder “oh my God, where did the years go?” 18 years is a long time (eeekk).  I also took the time the time to remember my wedding day.

I am here to tell you there is a red lipstick for everyone. 

A perfect red lip is classic and very stylish. 

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Want to know the best anti-ageing product out there.

You’d be surprised…

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How social media often creates more problems than it solves

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Hello there my lovelies

There are a tonne of different makeup artists out there – from newbies straight out of beauty school, counter artists (Mecca, Mac, David Jones, etc) to high end professional makeup artist that work on runway, print editorials, TV and everything in between.

All of them will say that they are professional and that they can deliver on your vision – especially wedding makeup.  And for the most part many of them probably can.

So how am I different?