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A Makeup Artist For Your Big Day

Peggy Stasinos is a makeup artist and hairstylist in Melbourne 

Look flawless, exquisite and timeless on your wedding day when a professional hair and makeup artist does your hair and makeup

Sometimes there’s nothing like putting on a fantastic outfit on occasion and wearing beautiful makeup to go with it. Whether it’s for an event or just for yourself, playing with makeup can be so much fun. From trying new products to new techniques and trends, makeup offers so much more than a simple transformation. 

As fun as it is to do your own makeup, sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting back and relaxing while a professional makeup artist creates an amazing look for you. So, here we go!!!

Welcome to Peggy Stasino’s Makeup and Hair!

Beautiful, modern wedding makeup tailored to you

I have had the pleasure of working with Melbourne brides creating their wedding makeup and hairstyles. Every wedding and bride is unique, and that’s why I still love doing their makeup all these years later!

With online reviews from happy brides and clients and international publications of my work, you can be sure you are booking someone passionate and consistent.

My calm and relaxed demeanor is a welcome addition to your wedding day, helping even the most anxious brides feel at ease during the preparations.

When you book my convenient mobile wedding makeup service, you can relax and get ready at home or your hotel accommodation and not have to deal with overbooked and crowded salons or makeup counters, traffic and parking.

You get the attention to detail you deserve on your wedding day!

mobile makeup artist Melbourne

The benefits of a professional wedding makeup artist

An experienced, skilled makeup artist has the expertise to apply makeup skillfully and complete the look you’ve spent months tweaking. 

Professional makeup that takes into account your unique features can produce amazing results. 

Along with your professional photographer, you will see flawless results in your photos.

For weddings, make sure you book hair and makeup artists who have experience working with brides and wedding parties because timing is everything on your special day. 

If you’re late in the morning, you’ll lose valuable time with your photographer, get stressed out, and your ceremony will be delayed while your guests have to wait. 

Remember, the investment in a professional photographer must also be supported by an excellent makeup artist. 

The small premium you pay for your peace of mind far outweighs the disappointment of being left with a makeup look you weren’t happy with on a day you can’t repeat. 

Unfortunately, no makeup can be corrected by retouching or Photoshop, no matter how good. When you book me, you can be sure that you will get the knowledge, experience, attention to detail and beautiful makeup you deserve.

What can you expect when we work together?

  • You will feel comfortable but even more importantly – You will feel glamorous too !
  • Your groom will be thrilled when he sees you walk down the aisle 
  • You’ll look beautiful and feel confident in yourself 
  • You will look timeless in your photos 
  • You will feel relaxed, calm and stress-free
  • Personalised service from initial booking to your wedding day

What kind of makeup do I specialise in as a Melbourne makeup artist?

I am praised for creating modern and exquisite wedding makeup looks focusing on fresh skin and glamorous eyes. You don’t have to worry about a thick foundation, out of date highlighed looks, over the top cut crease eye makeup or unblended contouring with me. 

Having worked closely with photographers, I have the experience needed to create flawless bridal makeup both in person and in your photos.

Brides with a wide range of wedding styles have booked me for their wedding day. 

Whether you want a seductive smokey look or a natural glow, I customise each client’s makeup to match her style, facial features and skin tone.

mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Bridal Trial consultations

I recommend doing a trial makeup before your wedding day so you can be sure your makeup will look as perfect as you have imagined. 

At the trial consultation, we will meet to discuss ideas, concerns, and how you envision your look on your special day. 

A wedding rehearsal takes place in my home studio in Hughesdale. A trial appointment typically lasts 2.5 hours.

I will then apply a full makeup application for you and take notes on any changes or enhancements to recreate the makeup on your wedding day.

Trial Makeup Tips:

  • Gather a few photos of makeup styles you like, paying attention to your skin tone and facial features. Consider the details of what you like and don’t like about the makeup in your reference picture. Does the makeup match your style of wedding?
  • You should bring colour swatches for bridesmaid dresses, a photo of your dress and wedding flowers.
  • Come with clean, moisturised skin to your appointment.
  • Wear a shirt that is similar to the colour of your bridal gown.
  • A personal consultation is best, but feel free to bring one of your bridesmaids to the fitting for assistance.
  • Remember to visualise how the entire look will go with your dress, flowers, jewellery, hair and makeup. Makeup trials can be difficult if you are only looking at one element, as you tend to focus on that and not the overall look. 

Want to learn more about the products we use?

Before you book your makeup artist, you should find out about the brands they use. Most of them will be happy to tell you. For example, I use the best products that are long-lasting, durable and gentle on the skin. Also, the products I use do not contain harmful chemicals.

Look for professional brands and a variety of them. You don’t want a makeup artist who only uses one brand because that can mean that the look and finish will be pleasing to most, but not to all. You also don’t want drugstore brands because they won’t last on a long wedding day. 

If you have questions about what is in my kit or what specific products I use?

Reach out to me, and I’ll be glad to give you more information.

Here’s how to book your wedding makeup with me

  • Inquire about availability for your appointment and get a quote
  • Arrange a phone call if you wish to find out if we are a good fit for each other!
  • I will then forward you a contract and invoice to secure your appointment with a deposit. Your appointment is already confirmed at this time, so you know in advance when to expect me! No surprises.
  • In the months getting closer to your big day, you can schedule a trial makeup appointment so we can plan your perfect look. You can also book your wedding hairstyle with me too!
  • I’ll send you skin prep tips and run times in advance so we can have a smooth, stress-free morning!

Want to learn more?

I have a lot of fun getting to know my brides and discussing details such as your makeup preferences, the number of people to be made up, where to prep, and what time you need to be ready.

You can see my booking page me at I’m excited to learn all about your wedding! 

mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Mobile Hairstylist For Your Wedding

Great hair doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by appointment.

The first impression you make as a bride says a lot about you, and a well-groomed appearance means you make the right impression.
This includes how you are dressed and how you look overall. It also includes making sure your hair looks good.
A lacklustre hairstyle distracts from everything that could be right about you.
A great hairstyle, on the other hand, gives you confidence. 

Your wedding day is something you will remember for a lifetime.
You want to look your best and get that collective gasp as you start walking down the aisle.

REMEMBER!!Gorgeous hair is the biggest confidence boost for every girl (and guy)

Let Your Hair Do The Talking!

So, no worries at all. Your mobile hairstylist is here for your rescue. 

Watch how we effortlessly style your hair and make it stay in place.
We have hair styling superpowers. 

Why should you hire a mobile hairstylist for your Melbourne wedding? 

There are a number of reasons to hire a mobile hairstylist for your wedding. I’ve listed all the good things these professionals can bring to the table, so be sure to read on.

Minimise Contact

Even though the risk of COVID infection is lowered down after vaccination. Still, it’s good for you and any guests attending your big day if you limit your social contact at crowded venues like salons or shopping centres.
With a mobile service we are ensuring that we keep to strict health and safety requirements.  

mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Better for emotions

Getting ready for a wedding can bring up a lot of emotions.
Dealing with a small team on your wedding day will keep the mood to how you want it.
Being in a busy salon with noise and random chatter is not how all brides want to deal with wedding day nerves.
Many brides are also dealing with emotions around people who cannot be at the big day due to border closures or illness.
Having a calm morning ( with the right amounts of chatter) Is always the perfect way to start a wedding day.

Save time by not driving to your hair salon in Melbourne

It’s frustrating to be stuck in Melbourne traffic for hours when you could have spent that time getting your hairstyle done.

You may have other important things to do as a bride, and driving back and forth to your hair salon could throw off your schedule.
We’ve all been there: you’re stuck in traffic as the minutes’ tick by, and you’re late for your hair appointment!

Not everyone has the energy to fight through crazy Melbourne traffic.
If you use the service of a mobile hairstylist, you will have more time for other things you need to do, and you will not have to worry about traffic or even parking.

Additionally, you will also save money on your travel expenses, such as petrol or parking.

mobile makeup artist Melbourne

You set the time

The best thing about hiring a mobile hairstylist is that you decide when you want to get the service. Maybe there are thousands of things you need to get done for your wedding, and you don’t have that much free time. Or perhaps you need a specific schedule depending on your wedding date so that your bridesmaids can get a service as well. 

In these circumstances, all you have to do is book a mobile hair stylist or mobile makeup artist on a specific date and time. You then choose the hair or makeup stylist service you want for that day. After that, the hairstylist will come to your home on the day and time of the appointment.

You choose the venue

Would you prefer to have your hair done at your home or at a hotel? No problem: we will come to your desired location, wherever that may be and also the time that suits you. Being a mobile bridal service means we are used to working times around our brides.
From super early starts if a bride is having a Tea Ceremony before her wedding – To working in the afternoon if our bride is having an evening event at a city venue.

Equipped with their own hair styling tools

Your mobile hairstylist is equipped with their own styling tools that are a professional standard to deal with all hair types.
Many consumer level styling tools do not heat up to the correct levels to restructure the bonds in our hair to take on a new shape.
Curling irons or hair straighteners have to get to extremely high temperatures to quickly curl or straighten hair WITHOUT damaging the hair.
Using ceramic coatings on the styling tools allow the hair to be transformed without being damaged.
Using the right styling products ensures your hair is protected but will also last the day when it is curled or straightened.

Why Choose Peggy Stasinos?

Peggy Stasinos is a small team professional mobile hairstylists and of mobile hairstylists and mobile makeup artists, they offer everything you need in the comfort of your own home. 
We will look after you from the time of your bridal trial till we have popped your veil on your wedding day.

If you’ve been searching online for a “mobile hair and makeup salon near me,” be sure to check our reviews and feedback about the service we offer. See if your wedding date is still available on our booking page at Our team are skilled hair stylist professionals.

At Peggy Stasinos Hair and Makeup, we are a leading mobile hairstyling team in Melbourne that will take care of you and your wedding party on your wedding day and provide a luxurious service.


mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Mobile Makeup Artist Melbourne

Peggy Stasinos is the Melbourne Based Mobile Makeup Artist available for your wedding day 

Yesterday’s dramatic cut crease can be TODAY’s radiant bride when you hire the right makeup artist.

Whether you’re at a wedding or celebrating a special day, you want everything to be perfect – including your makeup. It’s important to look your best. When you know you look good, you go through the day with more pep in your step. You exude confidence.

Makeup is not a tool to try and cover up or hide behind. It is to add a little magic to the BEAUTY that is already there.

You may know many tips and tricks on how to apply your makeup for everyday life, but you will find that hiring a skilled makeup artist is a crucial part of your wedding day or even a professional photography session!  

mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Why hire a professional makeup artist?

You are a beauty, let me help reveal all your features!

It takes a professional eye to see the beauty and potential of any face. A professional makeup artist is not only skilled at applying flawless, long-lasting makeup but also at making you feel comfortable with every aspect of the process – from the detailed wedding day timeline to working with you to create a stunning makeup style that will long last.

Weddings are an expensive day

Weddings are, without a doubt, an expensive affair.

The average cost of a wedding in Australia is $65,000, which is a lot of money.

When budgeting for a wedding, there are some areas where you can save money, and I agree that hair and makeup can add up.

As with all hair and makeup services, there are different makeup artists that have different prices to fit all budgets.

Some makeup artists charge ~$50 per bride, others charge ~$250+ and everything in between.

It’s important to understand what you’re paying for because often (as the saying goes), “you get for what you have paid for”.

One thing ALL brides want for their wedding day (regardless of background, income/social status, age, etc.) is to look and feel beautiful. That’s why it’s a good decision to leave your look in the hands of a professional makeup artist.

mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Why hire a mobile makeup artist for your Melbourne wedding?

Planning a wedding can take up to a year, and all the details can make a bride dizzy! But once the venue is booked, all the guests are seated perfectly, and the cake looks gorgeous, it’s time to start thinking about your look.
Most brides don’t leave their wedding dress to chance and have already decided on a gorgeous design, but there’s more to a beautiful bride than a stunning dress.
Have you already planned and booked your makeup and hair

Here are some reasons why you should hire a mobile makeup artist for a wedding:

All eyes will be on you:

Not only all eyes will be on you, but so will cameras and videos. This is a day you will remember forever (and on film), which is why a mobile makeup artist is a better choice. You want your memories to be safe for a lifetime and want you to look as beautiful as ever. Your mobile makeup artist will focus entirely on you and not on anyone else in a beauty salon. This way, you get a flawless complexion in the comfort of your own tranquil environment.

Reduce your stress:

There’s nothing worse than unwanted or unplanned stress on your special day.
Why should makeup be one of the things that can cause stress?
Instead, you can count on your makeup to shine on your wedding day when you hire a mobile makeup artist. You won’t have to go out of your home or venue. You can focus entirely on yourself on the day.

Especially if you live in Melbourne, where traffic congestion can be as bad as New York or Rome, it’s better to call a mobile makeup artist.
According to new RACV data, Melbourne’s rush hour has expanded into six hours each day. A mobile makeup artist will reach your destination on time and stop you from being stranded in traffic trying to get to a salon appointment.

No smeared makeup

It’s easy to use makeup incorrectly, and you definitely don’t want to make that mistake on your wedding day.
If you mismatch your foundation, the colour difference between your neck and your face will be clearly visible in your high-resolution wedding photos and your photographer will have to spend hours retouching every single photo to match skin tones.
A mobile bridal makeup artist knows how to mix colours to achieve the perfect shade for your skin tone.
Your mobile makeup artist knows many tricks that you probably haven’t even heard of or thought of. Your photos will need minimal photo shopping or even needing a reshoot. Your photographer will thank you!

Will last much longer 

One of the most significant features of bridal hair and makeup is its durability. You don’t want your makeup to start looking patchy halfway through the day. A mobile bridal makeup artist will make sure your makeup lasts, no matter how much kissing or cake eating is involved. This will keep you looking fresh and gorgeous throughout the event.

Reliable Makeup Products

If you’ve ever had trouble finding the right brush to apply your makeup, know that a professional makeup artist uses professional products.
There are several products from the best Australian makeup brands. These products not only cover blemishes and spots but also enhance your natural beauty.
There is nothing more stunning than having a beautiful face that has been enhanced by using the right makeup products.
Makeup artists who specialise in this field know exactly which products are best to achieve your desired look. Your mobile makeup artist has the right tools for the job.
Have you worked out your bridal style?
With Peggy Stasinos as your makeup artist, she will help you nail your bridal style that will compliment your wedding, theme, wedding dress and wedding hair.

mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Your nearby mobile makeup artist in Melbourne

Not sure what makeup look you want or where to find your mobile makeup artist for your special day? 

Welcome to Peggy Stasino’s Makeup; we offer a luxurious experience with Melbourne’s professional mobile makeup artistry. 

I am not your typical makeup artist who limits herself to one style of makeup. I balance your facial features and bring out your best features.

Would you like to know more? Request for a quote or see my Wedding Booking page!

Choosing a bridal Stylist


 With the market saturated with hair and makeup artists, how do you know if a bridal stylist is right for you. My checklist will have you sorted.

⭐️ Do they listen and are they the ‘right fit’? ⭐️ There is no use hiring an artist who doesn’t ‘click’ with you or won’t take the time to truly understand your vision. You want someone who is totally invested in you, understanding your goals and working with you to achieve a customised look that’s perfect for YOU.  This is what will make you feel confident and happy on the day!

⭐️ Relevant skills/experience ⭐️ Yes, many artists are qualified but how many of them keep up to date with their training to be abreast of industry techniques/information, safety (especially in this COVID era) etc? Every year, I invest in training to ensure that my skills are up to date.  During the COVID lockdown, I completed advanced hairstyling techniques through Cara Clyne’s Hairboss university, and it has been so worth it.  I can now offer even more amazing hairstyles to my brides!

⭐️ Long lasting hair and makeup that look good in photos ⭐️ This comes down to products.  Most brands you see in retail stores are not designed for photographic use (with some exceptions), so most professional brands are relatively unheard of, to many clients.  Whilst I certainly DO carry a range of consumer brands, for bridal makeup, I use a range of professional brands because I know they are long lasting and photo friendly.  They have NEVER let me down!

⭐️ Communication ⭐️ Your bridal stylist should communicate with you every step of the way so that you’re both on the same page not only in relation to your desired looking but also in relation to trials, scheduling, payments etc.  No one likes surprises and good communication always results in a much happier experience and peace of mind for all concerned.

Are you ready to take the next step in your wedding journey and tick one more thing off your to do list.  Email me here to see if I’m available on your date or click here for a bridal quote. 

Looking forward to serving you and giving you an unforgettable experience xx

mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Why Hire A Makeup Artist?

Should every bride hire a makeup artist for her wedding day makeup?
Ok, so as a makeup artist, many of you would think that of course I will put hair and makeup as something not to scrimp on.

What I will say, is that it’s important to have a look at the bigger picture and decide what is important to you so that you’re the most happiest on your wedding day.

Weddings Are An Expensive Day

There is no doubt that weddings can be an expensive affair.
The average cost of a wedding in Australia is $65k which is a lot of money.
When budgeting for a wedding there are some areas that you can save money on and I agree that hair and makeup can add up.
Like all hair and makeup services, there are different makeup artists who have different price points to suit all budgets.

Some make up artists will charge~$50 per bride and others charge ~$250+ and everything in between.
Like anything in life, it’s important to understand what you’re paying for as often (as the saying goes) “you get what you pay for”.

One thing ALL brides want for their wedding day (regardless of background, ethnicity, income/social status, age etc) is to look and feel beautiful.

mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Brides All Want To Look Their Best On Their Wedding Day.

When considering your wedding day look, ask yourself the following questions

  • How important is that you look your absolute best for your wedding?
  • How important is it that your wedding makeup last the long day?
  • Do you want your bridal party to look equally as beautiful and consistent with your wedding theme?
  • What price do you put on confidence and peace of mind?
  • Do you want to look back on your photos and say “Wow, how amazing do I look?I had no idea I could ever look that beautiful.”
  • How much time do you have to run around?

I’m guessing that a lot of these statements resonate with you in one way or another and it’s important to be really clear on the answers to these questions before deciding what will best suit your needs.

Professional Service And Consultations

In my experience, a well-educated professional makeup artist who values communication will consult with you to understand your needs.
They will advise you on your skin care and help you discover the exact combination of colours.
The right foundation for you skin tone.
A good makeup artist knows how to work within those parameters and still create a flawless finish.
An artist understands how to blend colors and textures to achieve a natural looking result.

A skilled freelance makeup artist will make you look more beautiful than you could have ever imaged both on the day and in your photos.
They will work with you to create the ideal wedding day look to make sure you look ‘the best version of yourself’.
It takes skill to be able to minimise flaws and bring out your best features without your makeup looking heavy.
Creating eye makeup that suits your eye shape and applying the right false lashes for your eye shape. As well as using professional photo friendly makeup brands and quality products.
Makeup not only has to look great in real life, it also has to photograph well.

mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Why Is Makeup So Important In Photos?

Many couples spend thousands on their photographer so ensuring the makeup look photographs well in different lights.
This is critical especially as some products can make your complexion appear white or shiny.

You’re making that investment so that your memories will be preserved beautifully in photos.
The type of makeup you are wearing and the way it is applied can affect the way you look in your photos.

Makeup For Everyday Wear Is Different Than Makeup For Photography.

Some products can make your complexion appear ghostly white or oily, or they can oxidize on the skin and appear too dark or orange.

If not applied specifically for photos and to withstand a long event.
Your makeup could break down, you could become shiny, or you could appear as if you’re not wearing makeup at all in your photos.

In ten years, no one will remember what your cake looked like, how it tasted, or what flowers were on each table.
What they will remember is how beautiful you looked, and the most important keepsake from your wedding will be your photos.

mobile makeup artist Melbourne

Professional Makeup Artists Are Worth It

Hiring a professional and experienced makeup artists,  is like a form of insurance for your wedding and your photos.
Sit back and relax while they help to keep your wedding preparation running smoothly.

When I have been working at an event when some of the girls have decided they will do their own hair and makeup
Often there is a guest who does have some skill doing their own hair and makeup and they will volunteer ( or they are asked) to do hair and makeup on others who are not as confident.
I know that there is ALWAYS going to be drama when this happens!

When Things Do Not Go To Plan

Doing your own makeup is easier than doing someone else’s face.
When you do your own makeup you know your face and what works.
When you attempt to do someone else’s makeup – It is a whole new face to learn!

I am often begged to help and it puts an artist in an uncomfortable situation.
I see disasters unfolding in front of me as there is no cohesive look with the bridal party.
They have used different products and colour tones and it just does not look “put together”
There is always a brides maid who wants a glam makeup and one that wants an everyday makeup look.

As an artist when you are doing a bridal party you do know how to pull all the different faces together and stick to the bridal style
Ensuring all have the same overall theme but each face has been modified to suit each individual face and their comfort level in how they look.

Hair styling is always a learned skill and when girls are attempting to do their own hair, I am ALWAYS asked if they can borrow my tongs, my straightener and my styling products

We Are Also Time Managers On Your Day

The reason why a makeup artist charges what they are worth is because we have invested thousands of dollars in professional makeup products.
Makeup artists are skilled in time management.
We know how long it takes for each makeup application, for each hair style and we time the morning so that everyone is ready on time.
The morning is all planned in 15 minute blocks and we are working to a schedule.
It is up to us to run on time so that when your photographer shows up, we have got everyone ready for the photos to start.

There have been many brides who have done a lot of running around to hair salons or makeup counters on her wedding morning.
When a bride decides not to use a mobile makeup artist, the time will often get away from her and her bridal party.
This means she has less time to spend getting dressed and having fun with friends and family.
It is very easy to lose track of time when you’re trying to coordinate everything.

bridal hair and makeup

A Wedding Budget Is Important

I will always suggest for a bride to save money where possible.
And I agree that if you can save on hair and makeup then go for it.
However, I find it extraordinary that brides can spend big bucks having people on the guest list they hardly know.
Or spending money on wedding favors that are usually left on the table.
Buying designer wedding shoes, which are usually hidden under the dress.
When their hair and makeup is going to on show for the whole day and in every photo thereafter.

Your wedding day will come and go but some things will last beyond that so invest in those elements that last.
You want your guests to comment on how fantastic your hair looked and how your face just glowed.
Years later when you are looking at your photos you will still be happy with how you looked on your special day.

Do you want some more information about my hair and makeup services?
You can go to my booking page to see my pricing and what services I offer for brides and bridesmaids.

makeup arstist for a wedding

Your Bridal Style

“What Is your Bridal style?” This is one of the first questions I will ask a bride

The reason why as a hair and makeup artist, I ask this question, is it helps my brides quickly pinpoint on where to get inspiration for their hair and makeup.
It avoids a lot of overwhelm and confusion about what they would like their hair and makeup to look.

mobile hair and makeup artist

Hair and Makeup Inspiration

Thanks to the Internet and social media, brides these days have soooo many channels to get inspiration for their big day – Pinterest, websites, magazines, Instagram etc.
A few clicks on your phone and you can spend hours (yes hours!) looking at beautiful dresses, gorgeous venues, hair and makeup looks and everything in between and wondering how to narrow it down and decide what you want.

Brides who are unsure and “I don’t know what I want for my wedding” sit in my chair for their hair and makeup trials every week!
They do have a regular style for when they go to work or when they go out with friends.
But trying to narrow down a particular style for a wedding can be a little more confronting.
I don’t blame them for being confused given the reasons above.
They like this. And that. And the other. They can’t decide!

Bridal Styles Vs A Bridal Trends

In these situations, it helpful to think of trends vs styles and how they work with the theme and overall look and feel for the wedding that you’re trying to create.

A style is the mood or feel you want to convey for your wedding.
This could be modern, classic, glamour, vintage, boho, rustic, etc.
They are words that you would use to describe your day (think of how you’d describe your personal style in your fashion sense or home décor for example).

Trends on the other hand are currently popular items or ideas that help define your style.
Trends can be anything from, photo booth props, to specific colours and flowers.
How trends relate to hair and makeup is often with certain products or makeup techniques – Remember when everyone was asking their foundation to be “baked”
It looked terrible in real life but looked great in photos.
Or remember the trend when everyone was wanting mermaid or unicorn coloured hair?
There are now thousands of girls trying to grow out their over processed bleached hair. It was certainly on trend for a little while!

Bridal hair and makeup

Stick To Your Style And Add A Trend!

Styles and trends are exactly the same for weddings as they are in fashion and makeup. If the style of the wedding is glamour – then the dress, hair and makeup should reflect that. You can always add touches of a current trend to your overall style!

I see a lot of trends in makeup thanks to the myriad of YouTubers and Instagrammers out there.
These girls often showcase a LOT of makeup with many products and layers with heavy contouring and highlighter, over exaggerated brows and lashes.
These are all makeup trends (popular right now) – not styles

Add Touches Of A Current Trend

For bridal hair and makeup these trends usually do not always work well.
A vintage styled wedding should have vintage inspired makeup and not seek to incorporate a lot of the YouTube trends mentioned above.

A way to keep give vintage inspired makeup a more modern vibe is to keep up with the current trends in eyebrow shape.
Vintage eyebrows were plucked to oblivion – so keeping the current eyebrow shape will give it a modern vibe and this also goes for hair.
We often use the term vintage inspired – we can create a hairstyle that has a vintage profile or shape, but the styling details are mote on trend.
Like using soft waves rather than stiff finger waves or braids instead of chignons.

Similarly over glam looks like heavy smoky eyes, winged eyeliner and dramatic false lashes won’t work well for the boho bride –she would look better with a nice braid, flowers in the hair and a lighter more natural look.
You can add a hint of trend by using a watered down version or choosing just one trend element rather than incorporating every current one!

The point is you don’t want consistency and a streamlined look as that’s what creates a beautiful look.
Trends come and go so it’s important to try and stick with something more timeless.

Timeless Beauty Is Always On Trend

I can pretty much guarantee that brides who don’t do this will have some regrets down the track.
Of course if the bride is adamant that this is what she wants (because it makes her feel more beautiful) then we can incorporate those trends but all I’m saying is that it’s important to look at the bigger picture.

So where to from here.

I encourage all brides to show me as much inspo as possible –a good way is to pin it all on Pinterest mood board where we can go through it detail.

makeup artist bridal trial

Why Have A Hair And Makeup Trial?

As part of the consultation part in my bridal trials , I use my experience in colour analysis.
This helps to understand styles and trends to work closely with the bride to determine a wedding style that reflects who the couple are.
It also allows some trends (eg.ombre décor, photo booths, certain flowers etc) fit perfectly into that style then we add them in to create a lovely personalised wedding that’s on-trend and uniquely represents the brides!

Of course, that includes designing makeup looks for you and your bridal party that are complimentary and reflect your personal style.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you enjoyed this article, why not share it with your friends.
And don’t forget to like me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram

Till next time
Peggy xo

melbourne hair and makeup

Wedding Day Schedule

Getting the timing for your wedding day schedule is important!

As you have now realised, all wedding vendors work to a strict timeline.
Often there are other weddings happening at the same church or garden and running overtime will impact other weddings.
The catering needs a timeline so that all food is served at the right time
The photographer needs to know every minute of your schedule so that they can capture the important moments.

The hair and makeup team are often the first of your wedding vendors to start the work for the day.
You need to have the timings happening right from the start as this is what will set you up for the entire day.

Running late from being held up at a hair salon will throw the rest of your morning into panic mode.

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Why Mobile Hair And Makeup Is So Popular!

It surprises me how many brides like to cut the timing quite fine on the day.
One of the most common mistakes brides make is not allowing enough time for hair and makeup.

By including enough prep time for hair and makeup in your wedding-day schedule, you’ll arrive at the ceremony venue relaxed, stress free and ready to go, with plenty of time to spare.
Otherwise, if hair and makeup run late, other aspects of the wedding also run late.
In most cases the entire bridal party must be ready for the photographer one to two hours prior to the ceremony time (depending on photographer).

That is not including driving time to the location for pre-wedding photos (if relevant). Every bride should make sure they understand the exact timing needs of their photographer as part of the wedding day planning.

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How Much Time Should You Allow?

Some brides try to cut costs by having their friend/sister/bridesmaids do the hair and makeup.
If this is the case, please consider the time it normally takes for them to get ready for a special occasion.
Don’t forget to add plenty of extra time forgetting ready in an unfamiliar location (eg hotel room), several women sharing the same bathroom, for misplacing or forgetting necessary items, running behind schedule, etc.

A Room Full Of Women Ready On Time?

Consider the consequences of running late.
If you’re hiring a hair and makeup artist, they should put together a detailed wedding day schedule for you which indicates who should be in what chair (hair or makeup) and what time.
A mobile hair and makeup team are experienced with dealing with emotive women on what can be a stressful day.
They will guide the entire morning by working to a schedule and one by one each girl is sitting with their hair and makeup done and all in an order that will help the bride and mother of the bride to still attend to the things they need to do.

Often the mother of the bride will have errands to run and they will need to be finished first and being able to help the bride get dressed and be a part of the mornings photos and fun.

The Organised Bride

The bride should have a copy of the schedule and have discussed it in detail with the rest of the wedding party.
All it takes is for one person to run late to throw the schedule off.
The time allowed depends on a lot of factors including the desired look (highly ornate hair and makeup looks will take longer) and the condition of the hair and skin.

The bridal trial is when the hair and makeup team can start to work out their time schedules

A wedding timeline should also include details of when pre-wedding treatments should be scheduled (facials, brows, waxing, nails) and details on the pre-wedding skin and hair routine to ensure that everything is optimal on the big day.
However, even when the trial has taken place and good skin routines followed, skin blemishes can and do appear on the day of the wedding and time needs to be factored in for proper coverage.

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Wedding Day Timeline Considerations

Some good rules of thumb include:

Bride: 1 hour for makeup (and up to an hour for hair depending on the look)
Bridesmaids and Mother of bride: 45 mins per bridesmaids for makeup (and ~45mins for hair) – These are generally guides only.

Here are some more wedding timing tips:

  1. The order for hair and makeup is the Mother of Bride first, followed by the bridesmaids and finally the bride who needs to look ‘freshest’ for the camera.
  2. Hair should be done first then followed by makeup so the hair stylist should start first (while the hairstylist is working on one, makeup should be done on the other)
  3. Book the photographer to arrive one hour before the bride is ready to go. That way, he or she will be able to shoot getting-ready shots, like the bride applying her last bit of lipstick or having a flower pinned to her hair. This also gives your photographer plenty of time to capture those oh-so-important detail shots: your gown on a hanger, shoes, jewellery, etc.
  4. If you have yourself plus four bridesmaids all getting your hair and makeup done, allot at least four hours of getting-ready time. That may seem like a lot, but it’s just enough.If you’re bridal party is a bit bigger, your bridal makeup artist should bring on an assistant
  5. If you’re traveling to a salon, double the travel time you anticipate.
  6. Don’t forget to factor time to eat something healthy. No one wants a hungry bride (who then becomes rather ‘hangry’) –the wedding day is a long day and you need your energy so having some sustenance through a nutritious meal beforehand will keep hunger pangs at bay for you and your bridesmaids.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to make it to the church or ceremony on time, happy and ready to go for a fabulous day!

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Sample Timeline For A Wedding

Take a look at our suggested running schedule for hair and makeup on your wedding day morning.

For our example, there’s a 4 p.m. ceremony start time and the bride has four bridesmaids in her party.

10:00 a.m. Bride’s makeup and bridesmaid No. 1’s hair
10:30 a.m. Bridesmaid No. 2’s hair
11:00 a.m. Bridesmaid No. 3’s hair and bridesmaid No. 1’s makeup
11:30 a.m. Bridesmaid No. 4’s hair
11:45 a.m. Bridesmaid No. 2’s makeup
12:30 p.m. Bride’s hair, bridesmaid No. 3’s makeup, photographer arrives to take getting-ready and details photos
1:15 p.m. Bridesmaid No. 4’s makeup
2:00 p.m. The Photographer can start

I hope this has helped you to understand the time schedule a little more.
A well planned morning will ensure a relaxed morning on your wedding day.

Till next time
Peggy xx

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Do I really Need A Bridal Trial?

This question if I need a bridal trial is the number one question I get asked.

Brides usually have a tonne of questions but as a professional hair and makeup artist, there is one question that I always get asked and that is “Do I really need a trial?”

The reason I get asked is because in most cases wedding budgets are tight and the bride doesn’t want to spend on a trial or they think it’s a way for artists to try to make more money.

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Here are here I will give you 5 reasons as to why my response to that question is always “YES!”
A trial is an opportunity Wedding day schedule:
All wedding day schedules are very tight so knowing exactly what look is desired and how long it takes to perform can save a lot of valuable time.

Why A Bridal Trial Is Needed

Things happen, people run late and so on. I hear brides say “but I only want a natural look”so it shouldn’t take long.
That may be the case but one lady’s natural look is another’s full blown Instagram Kardashian look.

Working out all the details (for your own look as well as your bridesmaids) is absolutely essential to ensure you’re happy with the look.
It will allow you to prepare your skin for the big day and that that things run smoothly on the day.
Also it gives the bride the opportunity to wear the makeup look for the day or night.
This is an important part of knowing if your makeup and hair will last for your wedding day ceremony and your reception.
Some brides may need a touch up service to freshen up their hair and makeup and this particularly happens if a bride has oily skin.
No makeup can last an entire day and night on skin that is oily.

Wedding day look and style:
This follows on from the above.
The wedding day is not the time for us to working out what your bridal style should be!
There is no time to be on Pinterest or discussing your preferred style (vintage, glam etc).
Nor it is the time to be deciding on colours, whether or not to include a winged liner or a red lip or a chocolate smoky eye.

Professional Hair And Makeup Artists

As wedding professionals, we will always try to please the client but sometimes, the desired look is not always possible depending skin type or face shape.

A trial run is a good time to discuss your options and to try different looks that will work for you.

Wedding Hair Trials

Having a through hair trial will give you the chance to order the extras that you will need to achieve the hairstyle or makeup look that you want.
At a hair trial we will discuss if your hair is going to be:

  • Will it be long enough to create the hairstyle you want?
  • Do you need a haircut with extra layers around the face to create softness.
  • Does your hair need a relaxing treatment to prevent it going frizzy?
  • Will the hairstyle you have chosen, work in with your veil?

A trial run is more than just a practice run for hair and makeup. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know your artist’s personality and their skill level.
This will determine if they are the right fit for you.
You want to be comfortable with your artist.
Being comfortable with their expertise and able to answer your questions and execute your makeup look.

Avoid Wedding Day Dramas!

While most professional makeup artists try to work with mostly hypoallergenic products.
It is possible that you may be allergic to an ingredient in a cosmetic.
Your wedding day is definitely not the day you want to discover you are allergic.
Common allergies we see are to the latex eyelash glue or the mica in an eyeshadows.

  1. A trial run gives you the opportunity to test out not only the final look, but also the products used.
  2. The key to awesome makeup is starting with a great canvas. Makeup applies differently based on how healthy your skin is.
  3. The trial is when we undertake a full skin assessment and recommend a regime (either skincare, treatments etc) to ensure that it’s in the best condition on the day.
  4. Skincare and treatments take time to work so starting well ahead of time is highly recommended.
  5. A trial run is also a great opportunity to discuss any details such as the number of attendants and services. A timeline can be created for the day.
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Running On Time For Your Wedding

A trial gives the bride a full understanding of the timeline.
Allowing plenty of time to get ready and setting the expectation on her and her bridal party.
When there is a schedule, It gives both the bride and the artists piece of mind that timelines are understood. A schedule will also mean that nothing has been left to chance.
Trials can make or break a successful wedding day look and are important part of the bridal makeup process.

Trials do take time for the artist (and the bride). Yes they are an expense and whilst they may add to your budget, they are well worth it.
We always suggest to have the makeup trial on a day that you are going to an event so you can make the most of your makeup!

Every bride wants to feel beautiful and confident on her wedding day.
By knowing exactly how the day will go and exactly how you will look, both you and your artist can be confident that you will look and feel your best!
I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

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